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Running down the stairs into the subway, Benten Ru Fauxette dashed through the halls of the underground train station with her black and silver Rohrbaugh R-9 9mm Pistol in her left hand, which was odd for her as she was a right hander.

Her short black hair, kept falling in front of her eyes, however she did not have time to push it away from her face.

She was right. She was being followed, she knew it so well. Her direct orders were to leave if she was to be discovered during the operations, which is why she ran.

A tall dark young man dashed after her. His hair was black with gelled spikes, a Seecamp 32ACP Pistol in his right hand. He sped fast after Fauxette through the crowd of the underground train station, civilians backing out of the way from his path at the sight of his gun.

“You can’t escape!” he growled in a hoarse voice aloud in Fauxette’s direction. “I know who you work for. I can’t allow for you to give them the information.”

Fauxette tried to catch her breath. He was fast…but not fast enough. She pushed herself through the crowd into the silver bullet train, just in time before the doors closed.

The dark young man stared through the glass windows of the train at the sight of Fauxette being inside. He had just missed her by a few seconds. He was attempting to pull her back by the hood of her sleeveless bottle green hoodie, however he had just missed.

“Dammit!” he cried out loud kicking his right food into non existent dirt. As he did this, he felt a hand place itself upon his left shoulder. He turned around. The owner spoke calmly in a cold manner.

“The boss isn’t going to be pleased about this, Damek.”

Damek nodded taking off his black mirrored sunglasses to reveal his gray blue eyes.

“I know.”

“Benten!” a voice called towards Fauxette from behind.

Fauxette turned around placing the photograph back upon the glass desk. She turned around to smile at the owner of the voice. It was her best friend Oberon.

He had adorable brown wavy locks, his hair always looking in a messy bed hair style, as if he just awoke from sleep. Nobody seemed to care much about his hairstyle at Virtuoso though; they had other things to worry about.

“How was the mission?” he asked stepped forward closer to her.

“It was alright.”

“Did you get the pictures?”

Benten nodded pulling out from shirt pocket silver framed spectacles. She then offered the glasses to him.

“This camera is amazing. It takes photos at blink rate. Keicie is amazing.”

“I know,” Oberon chuckled taking the glasses from Benten’s hand. “That’s why I hired her.”

“I need to go to Arcage though. That’s where they’re holding the Ancient Quinta Porcelain Shard Pendant.”

Oberon shook his head. “There’s too much security…I won’t let you go.”

Benten scrunched up her face in disgust.

“You just think I can’t do it. That’s it isn’t it.”

Oberon shook his head, his brown wavy locks moved off beat to his gestures.

“Noooo Benten, that’s not i-”

“-Well you’ve never denied me a mission before.” Her voice growled in his direction, but her body made it’s way slowly towards the office door.

“Benten! Please understand!” Oberon cried out loud, he rushed his way towards her but stopped mid way at the sight of her violet eyes glaring back at him.

“I’m going.”

Damek shook his head.

“Boss, I didn’t mean to let her get away, it’s just that-”

“DON’T GIVE ME THIS NONSENSE. You know I know you have feelings for her, don’t make that be the excuse for your downfall.”

Damek focused his gray blue eyes upon his leader.

“I’m sorry.”

Clearing his throat, Damek awaited for his destiny. His life was on the line because of his failure to keep their mission silent.

“Are you going to fire me?” Damek asked now in a somewhat timid voice.

The man in front of him laughed. His boss was laughing. The very man he knew who had been known to never wear a smile upon his face.

“Of course not you big goof! I’m sending you on an alternate mission to get to Arcage before she does to get the pendant!”

Damek blinked and stared back at his boss in shock.

“Okay. I’m sorry about what happened earlier, I promise it won’t happen again.”

The large man became serious once more, “It better not, or next time you won’t be so lucky.”

Benten adjusted her ear piece. Keicie, that girl who created their gadgets was so smart! She had created an ear piece hearing unit within a pair of beautiful pink jeweled stud earrings.

“Can you hear me, Akin?” she whispered into the air.

Not only did the earrings help her hear her fellow co-workers back at the Virtuoso base, but it also picked up noises too. The other earring did that, one didn’t work without the other.

Akin nodded from where he was even though Benten couldn’t see him nodding.

“Are you nodding?” Benten asked through a smirk, trying not to laugh.

Akin widened his eyes. “How did you know?”

“I can hear you silly, damn these earrings are good. Just hope I never go to a concert with them, that’s all.”

Akin chuckled. He had an idea of a prank with that comment to place on Benten. He just needed Keicie to make the gadget and be on the prank for it to work.

“It’s showtime.”

Akin and Benten stepped out of the rooms they were hiding in. They were both on each side of the museum building, a gun on each of their hands.

They cared not for caution, nor did they care for being revealed. The pendant was a precious artifact, an artifact with a secret which they needed to get their hands on before anyone else. Especially Idle Corporation, the association that Damek worked for.

“Hey!” a security guard shouted at the same time reaching for his gun. Akin shot the man’s hand before the man could reach.

“Ow!” the old uniformed man cried in genuine pain. “You fucking vandals!”

Akin kept running though, he was to meet Benten at the centre of the museum. That was where the pendant lay.

“Do you see it?” Akin shouted as he shot more museum guards around him.

Benten nodded. “Yes.”

“Okay there’s a code to take away the security on the box. If you break it now you’ll trip a system that will create a total lock down on the museum. If you look at the box there is a pin lock. Do you see it?”

Benten nodded, her heart beating faster every second. She searched around the box to find a face of silver buttons which had letters of the alphabet as well as numbers mounted upon the box.”

“Yes! I see it!”

“Okay, I want you to scan the pin with your green shades. Keicie will talk to you then through the communication system.”

Benten held still and pressed the screw of the glasses. It was a warmth activation system, a button. The shades scanned what Benten saw, the pin lock of the box which held the ancient pendant.

“You got it Keicie?” Benten asked into open air once more.

“Mmm!” Keicie answered into Benten’s ear.

“The Maple team went undercover to record the sound of the pin code. You see it’s like a phone, it has a dial tone and-”

“KEICIE! We don’t have time for that now! What’s the code?”

Keicie sighed at the other end of the line.

“Okay, but promise me you’ll listen to me about it back at base, okay?”

“Yes, YES! Just teeeell me!”


Benten pinned the code in quickly and waiting for something to happen. Nothing happened.


Keicie sighed in her seat back at the base once more. She stared at the computer screen then shook her head.

“It works. You just have to manually lift the glass cover from the box now.”

Benten did as she was told and reached deep within the box to pick up the Ancient Quinta Porcelain Shard Pendant. As she picked it up she couldn’t help but look at the detail of its beauty. But when she looked again she realized the patterns of the pendant revealed a map. A map! But to where? Or to what to be more exact?

“Benten!” a familiar voice shouted from behind her. She turned. It was Akin; he was in the arms of Damek, with a gun pointed directly at his head.

“Give me the pendant.” Damek stated in a cold hard tone. “Or say goodbye to your friend.”

“AKIN!” Benten cried out in despair, but she did not move from her spot, she had placed her gun into her pocket to reach for the pendant, and was holding the pendant tightly in her right hand.

“Benten don’t do it!” Akin cried aloud, his green eyes now shining with tears.

Benten shook her head and glared at Damek angrily.

“Let him go.”

Damek grinned devilishly. “Give me the pendant first, then I will give you your friend back.”

Benten started shaking, what could she do? What should she do was more of a question to ask.

“Give him the pendant.” Keicie said down the head piece on her end of the line. “Akin’s life is not worth risking. Even Oberon knows that.”

Benten slowly walked towards Damek, she held the pendant outstretched in her right hand. Her other hand reached for Akin’s.


Damek opened his hand letting go of Akin to take the pendant as Benten pulled Akin to her side. Grasping the pendant firmly in his left hand, he laughed and quickly used his right hand to shoot at Akin’s shoulder.

“Akin!” Benten cried in shock hugging him in her arms to keep him from falling.

It was all happening so quickly. Damek shot him again.

“AKIN!” Benten cried more, tears welling up in her eyes. She wanted to take out her gun, but it was wedged deeply within her pocket and it already was hard enough holding Akin up, so she decided to place Akin down on the ground to lie down. He was becoming heavier, she knew it sounded impossible to have happened so quickly, but he was.

As she looked up to where Damek was standing, she realized that he was already gone.

“That bastard.” She cursed through her tears.

“I’m so sorry Akin,” she spoke looking down upon him within her arms. “I should’ve reached for my gun.”

Her tears fell upon Akin’s face, and Akin could only gaze up and force himself to smile.

“You did as you were told to do Faux, it’s not your fault.”

Benten could only nod her head, she could hardly speak through her tears. Her throat hurt, and so did her heart.

“It’s all my fault!” she cried out in despair, hugging him tighter as he grew heavier.

“Shhhh.” Akin cooed trying to sooth Benten, even though he was the one who had been injured.

“It’s going to be alright.”

Benten shook her head and spoke aloud. “Keicie send in the Vagabond team!”

“They’re on their way.” Benten heard Keicie say through the earring receiver device.

Benten hugged Akin once more.

“I know I should go after him, but I can’t leave you like this Akin. I’ll stay here until the Vagabond team arrives.”

Akin forced a smile again, “Thankyou, can you help me sit up?”

Benten nodded and pushed his back from behind to sit up right, though he still was slightly leaning on her.

“Do you love anyone Benten?” Akin asked softly, his breathing was much more heavily and in short breaths too, yet he managed to ask such a question.

Benten widened her eyes surprised at this question. How intruding! But then again he was hurt; perhaps he needed something to talk about?

“No.” Benten replied firmly.

Akin forced a smile once more, turning around to kiss her forehead.

“It’s always been you…I’m weak. Please promise me you’ll hold me like this until the time is through.”

So many thoughts rushed through Benten’s head at Akin’s words. But she didn’t speak. She held him tight, tears flowing freely from her eyes as Akin’s body became heavier, and heavier.

She leaned her chin upon his left shoulder and was engulfed by the silence of the museum, to only hear the sounds of Akin’s quick small breaths.

She hugged him tightly hoping it would help him stay. If only she had known. Had she been so blind? How long had he loved her though?

Holding Akin as tight as she could, she held him with every breath that he took, until she could hear no more.

Keicie crying herself back at the home base whispered at the other end of the line softly, “He’s gone.”
Old short story commission on Gaia back in Feburary 05. I never gave it a title...

This was a short story commission for [-Silver Ice-] on Gaia who is a good friend of mine! She wanted a short story of her original character, Benten. So here is what I came up with. I hope you enjoy!! :heart:

NOTE: You might think this story is similar to the direction of Escalation which I am also writing, but with my friend --- I am indeed trying to recreate the feeling of this old short story I have written actually! :) So the similarities are on purpose.
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voodoo-biskit Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2005

Beautifully sad. I know I've already told you but anyway. It flows nicely and the action/supsense sequence is written well. I heart it <3
loita-chi Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2005
T_T so sad
Lilithia Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2005
Is it that bad? :(
loita-chi Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2005
no it's good, but the ending sad
yah yah!
poli-chan Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2005
Wahh.. that's so sad O_O but it's really well written~ I wish I had writing skills like yours XD :heart:
Lilithia Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2005
I wish I had drawing skills like yours! DX :heart: I'm glad you liked the story!! :heart: Eee we really should have a story together ourselves sometime! Ps, I don't think I have your MSN! You must give me!! :(
poli-chan Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2005
LOL, my MSN: XD XD :heart:
Lilithia Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2005
Added!! :heart:
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